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The deadline for the next round of applications is 31 August 2018.  Applicants may expect to hear the trustees' decisions on their grants by the end of September.

New applicant Artists who wish to have their eligibility checked, and others who have been approved as eligible and given a Login, may make a Grant application through the on-line forms on the ARTISTS pages.  Groups of Artists working together will need individual Logins even if applying as a Group.  Charities and other organisations are able to make applications through the CHARITIES pages. Please read all the information on the pages before contacting the Trust or making an application.

Grant applications are considered at trustee meetings in March, June, September and December, and the deadlne for applications is the final day of the preceding month.

For 2018, the maximum number of days' grant which is available to any one Artist is normally 12.  The maximum value of the grant is set at £80 per day (including VAT, if applicable).

Please note that bookings made before a Grant has been formally offered are the responsibility of the Artist.  Full details may be found from the Artists and Charities tabs.

Please note that Reports on previous stays, which are required before making a subsequent further Grant Application, must be sent by email (and attachment if relevant) to the Trust.  It is no longer possible to submit Reports through this website.

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This website is now open for Applications; please see the News Page for further details.  Please also note that the only email address now functioning is which may also be accessed via this website.