Artists who require support for residential visits away from home in order to work are encouraged to apply for a Residency at Hawkwood College. Please visit the HARP page for information about the Programme and how to apply. As most of the Trust’s support of individual artists, (or groups of artists working together) is given to HARP, other grants are far less common.

Artists wishing to stay somewhere else – perhaps to research an area or join a writers’ retreat or similar – may occasionally be given an individual grant from the Trust to help with the residential costs (board and lodging). This grant is never paid to the artist, but is always paid directly to the place of stay.

Artists will need to satisfy the two eligibility criteria which the Trust applies, and which are shown below. They will also be required to write a report following their stay and – if relevant – to acknowledge the help of the Trust in any published material.

Grants are flexible, but will seldom cover a period longer than ten days and – if the cost of the place of stay is higher than our suggested guidelines – you may be required to pay some of the costs yourself. Furthermore, the Trust will not pay towards travel, or any other specific costs: we are only permitted to support board and lodging.

If you think that you might be eligible and you have a specific project in mind, please write to the Secretary using the contact form. You will need to say something about yourself, your work and your circumstances, and also where you wish to go and why. If your letter seems as though it might fit in with our current schedule of giving, we shall reply asking for more specific details. If you do not hear back from us within six weeks, it means that your request would not be supported by the trustees and has been discarded. The decision is final, and the Trust is not obliged to give reasons for it.


we work strictly to the following definitions


Artists who 1] have devoted most of their training and/or working lives in pursuit of their art and/or craft, 2] are known for their artistic work, 3] intend on the whole to continue with it (unless they are retiring from work altogether) and 4] have made a significant portion of their income from that pursuit and that work.


Those artists who, while not necessarily being in difficult financial circumstances or dire straits, have insufficient income or resources 1] generally to be able to afford to subsidise the time and place away from home necessary to fulfil their work or take a break from it, and 2] specifically to pay for the opportunities currently being offered for their own work, an artistic residency or a holiday.