The Trust gives regular donations to a few registered charities which look after professional artists (of various genres) who are elderly, convalescing or in need of a holiday which cannot be afforded.  In this way, for example, we help The Performing Right Society Members’ Benevolent Fund, the Artists General Benevolent Institution, the Society of Authors, Arvon and the National Centre for Writing. 

The Trust cannot contribute to any costs other than board and lodging, and so we cannot assist with medical or social care, transport or any other needs. But we are interested in hearing from established and accredited charities which help artists in this way. It is important to note our eligibility criteria for such artists; these are stated below.

It is also possible for us to collaborate with a charity which might supply the funding for other parts of the stay, such as a carer or travel.

We are happy to consider most forms of accommodation including hotels, bed & breakfast establishments, Airbnb, and even convalescent homes. However, the length of stay allowed will generally be no longer than ten days. We also offer accommodation support for artists wishing to go on retreat or to residential courses.

If you are an administrator of such a charity, please write to the Secretary of the Trust using the contact form, introducing yourself and your organisation. Please bear in mind that we usually only give two charity grants each calendar year, and there are already a number of charities whom we support on a regular basis.

If you approach us as and it looks as though the trustees might welcome an application from you, we shall let you know within a few weeks. Otherwise we may not reply to your email.

Please note that the Trust will expect a detailed report on the use of any funds supplied; this may be statistical and need not necessarily go into details of individual beneficiaries.


we work strictly to the following definitions


Artists who 1] have devoted most of their training and/or working lives in pursuit of their art and/or craft, 2] are known for their artistic work, 3] intend on the whole to continue with it (unless they are retiring from work altogether) and 4] have made a significant portion of their income from that pursuit and that work.


Those artists who, while not necessarily being in difficult financial circumstances or dire straits, have insufficient income or resources 1] generally to be able to afford to subsidise the time and place away from home necessary to fulfil their work or take a break from it, and 2] specifically to pay for the opportunities currently being offered for their own work, an artistic residency or a holiday.