For Charities

The Trust welcomes applications from registered charities which care for professional creative artists from many disciplines, and will consider making block grants to assist those charities in providing temporary board and accommodation to their beneficiaries for holidays, convalescences or quiet working time. The notes below are intended to give more information and advice on this.  For further information, please contact the Secretary by email or post.

The Trust also accepts applications from other arts organisations (which are not registered charities) on behalf of their members, but in these cases the Trust will require the submission of more detail both about the organisation and its specific application before considering the suitability of the request.

In the case of individual artists, or groups of artists who are planning some work or collaboration, please refer to the notes under the Artists tab.

General Information

Creative professionals – such as painters, sculptors, potters, writers, poets, composers, musicians, songwriters, architects and other creators who 1] produce new artistic work in a professional context (all here called artists), and 2] are in …

Terms and Conditions

The Trust defines as professional, artists who 1] have devoted most of their training and/or working lives in pursuit of their art and/or craft, 2] are known for their artistic work, 3] intend on the whole to continue with it (unless they are retiring …


A charity or arts organisation wishing to receive support in the form of funding which they may then distribute on behalf of artists should contact the Secretary of the Trust in the first place by email. Please give a brief description there of …

Applications Status

  • The website is closed for applications due to the current health crisis. The next deadline for applications will be announced as soon as possible, but is unlikely to be before January 2021.
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