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Grant Support For Residencies For Charities

The Trust welcomes Applications from registered charities which care for Artists (as defined) and will consider making grants to assist those charities in providing temporary board and accommodation to their beneficiaries for holidays, convalescences or quiet working time. The notes below are intended to give more information and advice on this.

The Trust also accepts applications from other arts organisations (which are not registered charities) on behalf of their members, but in these cases the Trust will require the submission of more detail both about the organisation and the specific applications before considering the suitability of the request. The Trust does not, at present, give Grants to individual organisations planning some work or collaboration.  Please contact the Secretary for more advice.

General Information


Creative professionals – such as painters, sculptors, potters, writers, poets, composers, musicians, songwriters, architects and some other creators who 1] produce new artistic work in a professional context (all here called Artists), and 2] are in some degree of need (see below) – are eligible for assistance from the Trust.

This requirement is not intended to supersede your charity's own eligibility criteria. However, to be eligible for one of the Trust's grants, the beneficiary must also fit in with our requirements. Charities applying for grants to help support their own beneficiaries will need to satisfy themselves as to both the professional status and also the degree of need of those they intend to assist, and assure the Trust that their candidates are suitable.

Places Of Residence

The Trust has a particular relationship with Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire and encourages Artists and groups of Artists to stay there, where those who receive Trust grants are also offered preferential rates. However, application may be made for grants to support stays anywhere in the UK or abroad.

Purpose Of Residency

This may be for creative work, research, collaboration, discussions with fellow artists, rest, recreation, and/or convalescence.

Duration Of Residency

Charities will be in control of their own budgets, but the Trust requires that any individual grant would normally cover no more than two weeks' stay on any one occasion.

Grants Offered

If an application is successful, the Trust will make a block grant to the charity, representing a total number of days' stay (bed and board).  The charity may then arrange for individual or group residencies for several beneficiaries, and is expected to cover the remainder of the costs of the stays.  In 2018 the Trust grant is expected to be allocated at around £80.00 per Artist per day (no VAT will be added to that sum).  However, charities will in general be able to manage their own budgets.

It may also be possible for Charities to contact the Trust on behalf of individual Artists for particular requests such as holidays, retreats, convalescent breaks or research visits.

Total Annual Allocations

The trustees will decide on the allocation of grants based on the annual income of the Trust from the fund investments, balancing donations through the year.

Terms and Conditions


The Trust is required to ensure that grants are given to support residencies which could otherwise not be afforded. The charity will be expected to confirm that beneficiaries 1] are or have been professional Artists, and 2] are individuals whose financial circumstances are not sufficiently flexible in general to be able to afford such stays as that for which an Application is being made, and whose means are insufficient to cover this particular stay without the provision of the grant requested. The trustees reserve the right to require further information from charities to support any applications.


The Trust is not permitted to give grants to Artists for any costs at medical, nursing or dedicated convalescent homes other than board and lodging, and daily attention from health professionals or other medical needs should be covered from other sources.

Education / Conferences

The Trust is not permitted to give grants to cover any fees for an educational course, a seminar or conference or such an event. However, it may be used for individuals or members of a group who wish to work, consult or study together, provided that the grant is only applied to the fees for accommodation and meals.

Public Benefit

The trustees wish to monitor how their grants are providing Public Benefit. Charities will be required to write a short note in their Application, explaining the benefits as they see them. They will then also be asked for a brief note reporting on any previous grant, how it was used, and how they judged its value, if applying for a second or subsequent time.

Acknowledgement of Support

The Trustees will usually require charities to make acknowledgement of the Trust in any publications or similar in which they describe or celebrate their own work.

Trustees' Decisions

The trustees’ decisions on Eligibility and Applications are final, and they are not required to give reasons for their decisions.


The trustees will meet to discuss Applications four times a year, in March, June, September and December. Charities should make applications on behalf of their beneficiaries by the middle of the preceding months.

Each particular Application will be considered on its own merits and according to the funds available at that time. The Secretary will inform charities of the result of their Application within two weeks of the trustees' meetings. This decision will be final, and the trustees are not required to give reasons for their decisions.


All communication must be by e-mail or post. Charities wishing to contact the Trust by phone should e-mail to make an appointment for a conversation.

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The website is currently open for Applications; please see the News Page for further details.  Please also note that the only email address now functioning is which may also be accessed via this website.

You are strongly advised to read the NOTES before making a Submission, Application or Report.