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Francis W Reckitt

Grant Support For Residencies For Artists

General Information


UK creative professionals – such as painters, sculptors, potters, writers, poets, composers, musicians, songwriters, architects and some other creators who produce new artistic work in a professional context (all here called Artists) – are eligible to apply for a grant. New applicants will be required to submit details of their work (such as a list of publications or recordings, details of concerts or exhibitions, letters offering a serious commission etc), and/or any other evidence supporting their professional status (such as membership of a professional association) and the name of a referee.

Places of Residence

The Trust has a particular relationship with Hawkwood College in Gloucestershire, and encourages Artists and groups of Artists to stay there, where they are offered preferential rates. However, applications may be made for grants to support stays anywhere in the UK or abroad.

Purpose of Residency

This may be for creative work, research, collaboration, discussions with fellow artists, rest, recreation, and/or convalescence.

Duration of Residency

For 2018, the normal maximum number of days' grant which is available to any one Artist is 12.  A maximum of 2 grants may be made to any one Artist during the year, but the total number of days normally remains as 12. Details for future years will be announced.

Grants Offered

The Trust will pay a portion of the board and lodging costs directly to the place of residence. The balance of the bill is the responsibility of the Artist. Please note that the Trust will not normally pay an entire bill and Artists will usually be expected to contribute towards the costs.

For 2018 the grant is set at a maximum of £80.00 per Artist per day. No VAT will be added to that sum, and if the place of residence charges VAT, the grant remains at a maximum of £80.00 per day towards the total bill. Details for future years will be announced.

Because of the special relationship the Trust has with Hawkwood College, beneficiaries of the Trust are also eligible for a discounted daily rate there; this means that the £80 grant will go even further towards meeting the bill. When making a booking at Hawkwood, successful beneficiaries should mention that they are receiving a Trust grant.

Any grant money allocated to an Artist but not used will generally not be carried forward. On occasion, the Trust may offer a grant covering a shorter period than that applied for. Again, if this is not taken up by the applicant, the offer will not be held over for a different application.

Total Annual Allocations

The trustees will decide on the allocation of grants based on the annual income of the charity from the fund investments, balancing donations through the year.

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