Terms and Conditions for Artists

Professional Status

As a general guideline to eligibility, the Trust considers those artists to be professionals who 1] have devoted most of their training and/or working lives in pursuit of their art and/or craft, 2] are known for their artistic work, 3] intend on the whole to continue with it (unless they are retiring from work altogether) and 4] have made a significant portion of their income from that pursuit and that work.


Because of the relatively small grants available to any applicant in any year, the trustees do not consider it proportionate to seek a formal means test before making a grant. However, the Trust is required to ensure that grants are given to support residencies which could otherwise not be afforded.  In the application form, artists will be required to make a formal declaration 1] that their financial circumstances are not sufficiently flexible in general to be able to afford such stays as that for which an application is being made, and 2] that they consider their means insufficient to cover this particular stay without the provision of the grant requested. The trustees reserve the right to require further information from applicants to support this case.

Tax Residence

Please note that the Trust is unable to give grants to artists who are not tax resident in the United Kingdom. Applicants are required to make a formal declaration in their eligibility submission that they are tax resident within the UK.

Data Protection

When making an eligibility submission, applicants will be required to allow the Trust to retain their data in order to process the submission and any subsequent applications.  Please also refer to the Trust’s Data Protection policy.


The Trust will not give grants to artists for stays at medical, nursing or dedicated convalescent homes, and artists requiring daily attention from health professionals will not be eligible.  However, convalescent stays are otherwise acceptable.

Spouses, Carers, Companions and Colleagues

Please note that, while others may accompany an artist who has been given a grant by the Trust, no portion of that grant may be used by those other persons to cover any costs whatsoever.  If artists are staying away together, each must have his or her own grant and/or pay individually as relevant.  It is also possible for a group of artists working together to make a group application – please see the relevant tab Artists menu.

Education / Conferences

The grant may not be used to cover any fees for an educational course, a seminar or conference. However, it may be used for artists or members of a group who wish to attend such an event, or to work, consult or study together, provided that the grant is only applied to the fees for accommodation and meals.

Public Benefit

The Trustees wish to monitor how their grants are providing public benefit.  Beneficiaries are expected to write a brief report on their stay, explaining the benefits to their life and/or their work. This report on a previous stay is mandatory if applying for a second or subsequent grant, and the report will be taken into account by the trustees when deciding on any subsequent applications.  As a general guideline, the report should state where and when a stay was made, and also refer back to the grant application, explaining 1] how the stay addressed the stated purpose of the visit, and 2] how it addressed the reason why that particular application was made. It is also possible for artists to submit details of any work which was carried out, or other useful consequences of their visit.

The trustees reserve the right to quote non-confidential information from the report in the records of their charitable dealings and in their publicity. They also at times choose to publish excerpts from reports on this website, but that is always at the discretion of the artist.

Acknowledgement of Support

The trustees will usually require a beneficiary to make acknowledgement of the Trust regarding the assistance which has been given in any published, performed or exhibited work which was initiated or produced during a subsidised stay. Notification of this acknowledgement may be included in the report.  It is also appreciated (when relevant) if the tradition of artists donating a copy of their work to the collection at Hawkwood may be continued, provided that the beneficiary is able and willing to do so.

Trustees’ Decisions

The trustees’ decisions on eligibility and applications are final, and they are not required to give reasons for their decisions.

Applications Status

  • The website is closed for applications due to the current health crisis. The next deadline for applications will be announced as soon as possible, but is unlikely to be before January 2021.
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