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Grant Support For Residencies For Artists

Group Applications

It is possible for Groups of Artists working together on a particular project to put in an Application for a Group Grant.  The first step is for all the participating Artists who have not so far been granted a Log-In to put in Eligibility Submissions.

The conditions for a Group Application are that:

  • Every member of the Group must already have been awarded Eligibility and given a Log-In
  • Every member of the Group must be resident in the UK for tax purposes
  • One single member of the Group must make the Application and follow through with all the administration.  This Artist will be called the Group Administrator
  • The Group Administrator must be an eligible Artist and a member of the Group
  • The Group Administrator may not be changed during the process of the Application and the Project
  • The Project itself must be a single and one-off situation, even if it extends over a long period of time
  • All the members of the Group must be involved in the Project
  • The Grant will be applied solely for board and lodging for members of the Group

It is possible for others to be fully involved in the Project, but they will not be counted in the numbers for the Grant unless they are individually eligible.

The Grant may not be applied to materials, work spaces or anything other than board and lodging.

PLEASE NOTE:  Group Administrators will need their own Log-In details to enter the system and make an Application.  They will then need to have available the Applicant ID for each member of the Group, though not the passwords.

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The website is currently open for Applications; please see the News Page for further details.  Please also note that the only email address now functioning is which may also be accessed via this website.

You are strongly advised to read the NOTES before making a Submission, Application or Report.