Awarded Grants for Artists

What To Do Next

If you are awarded a grant, you will be informed by email of the amount, which may be anything up to the full sum you requested.  The grant will be available to you from the date specified (usually about a month after the decision) and for six months following that date. If it has not been used by then, the grant will be withdrawn without notice.

You are reminded that a grant must be used to cover one single visit, not a series of stays.

Once you have decided where and when you wish to make use of this money, you should make a booking at the place of residence. The Trust will pay up to the daily maximum for the number of days you have been awarded.  If the cost of your stay is below the daily maximum, the surplus may not be retained for other use.  If the cost is above the daily minimum, you will be required to pay the balance.

If you are planning to stay at Hawkwood College, please email the dates of your agreed booking to the Trust and we shall pay the grant directly to Hawkwood at the time of your stay, leaving you to pay the balance of the bill, which will be £25 per day (plus any extras).  Please note, however, that the residential booking itself must be made with Hawkwood College directly.

If you are planning to stay elsewhere – hotel, bed & breakfast, self-catering etc – we shall need to be in contact with the place of residence in advance to make the necessary arrangements for payment.  For this reason, we need at least six weeks’ notice of all the details. You should ask the place where you will be staying to send us an email with 1] your name, 2] the dates of your stay, 3] their name and contact details, and 4] their bank details.  On receipt of this we shall set up instructions to pay the grant directly at the time of your stay, leaving you to pay the balance of the bill.  (We will send both you and the place of residence a scan of the banking instructions so everyone can be sure of the payment.)  You are reminded that any costs of payment in other currencies will be deducted from the grant.  If we do not hear from you or the place of residence, it is likely that you will find when you arrive that payment will not have been set up ready.

Please note that the Trust will not pay deposits, nor make any payments whatsoever in advance of a stay. It will not reimburse any payments which you make, but will only pay the agreed grant allocation 1] to the place where you are staying, and 2] on the day of your arrival. And the Trust will only pay towards the accommodation and food costs of your final bill at that place.

Please also note that VAT will not be added to the Grant and will need to be included in the total bill if charged.

You will not be able to make a subsequent application until the first grant has been used and a report sent on your stay – please see the notes under the PROCESS tab.

Applications Status

  • The website is closed for applications due to the current health crisis. The next deadline for applications will be announced as soon as possible, but is unlikely to be before January 2021.
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