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There is no way to save an application once you have started to fill in the form. Clicking the Back button on your browser will require you to re-enter your information. We therefore strongly advise that you have the necessary information ready before you begin. A check-list is below.

You may cut and paste text from other documents into the relevant fields. You may also email documents with supporting information to If you intend to do this, please state 'See Email' in the relevant box on the form.


All Artists will be asked for their contact details on Page One.

Artists who stayed at Mount Pleasant in Reigate will not be directed to Page Two; clicking on NEXT will complete their submission.

For Artists who did not stay at Mount Pleasant in Reigate, clicking on NEXT will take them to Page Two where they will be asked to provide information on the following. Some of these replies are required for the submission and others are optional: this is made clear on the Form.

A * below denotes required information.

  1. Profession or area of work * – you might write, for example: poet or composer or sculptor etc.
  2. List of major publications, exhibitions, recordings, performances etc with details *
  3. Memberships of professional associations if any
  4. Name of Referee * – this should be someone who knows you and your work
  5. Referee's address * – email addresses are preferred and will help ensure a faster response from the Trust
  6. Other factors you might wish to be taken into account when deciding on your professional status

Artists are also recommended to read the full guidance notes listed under the Artists tab.


In addition to their contact details, all organisations will be asked for 1] a description of their organisation and 2] an account of how they feel that the Trust may be of help.

Please note that this is for the general information of the Trustees, and is not the place to make a particular application. If the organisation is considered suitable, you will be sent a password to enable you to make a formal Grant Application.

Organisations are also recommended to read the guidance notes listed under the Charities tab.

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The website is currently open for Applications; please see the News Page for further details.  Please also note that the only email address now functioning is which may also be accessed via this website.

You are strongly advised to read the NOTES before making a Submission, Application or Report.